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Secular Humanism Essay

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The Question of Origin-
As a secular humanist, the origin of life is nothing spectacular. Human life is a product of thousands of years of evolution. Man evolved from matter that simply was; there is no god who created life, it just is.

The Question of Identity-
A secular humanist identifies equally with all life, “Mankind is simply a more sophisticated animal” (Weider & Gutierrez, 2013). Because man has evolved from animals, we are not above them and should treat all life with the same respect.

The Question of Meaning/Purpose-
A secular humanist believes man gives his own meaning to life (Weider & Gutierrez, 2013). It is merely man’s responsibility to leave the world a better place after he is gone. A humanist seeks and finds fulfillment from the amount of happiness in his life and satisfaction from his desires. Therefore, seek what makes you happy and brings you the most pleasure. Having a naturalist worldview allows the individual to decide a personal meaning and purpose for their own life.

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The Question of Morality-
There is no absolute moral code in secular humanism; the belief is to base your decisions on the consequences of your actions. A secular humanist does not believe in an all-knowing god; you are simply free to be your own judge. If it feels good and does not hurt anyone; you should be able to do it.

The Question of Destiny-
A secular humanist believes existence is over at death. There is no afterlife; you cease to exist when you die, and all that lives on are your accomplishments while on this earth. Your legacy is a measure of the amount of success and happiness you achieved in your life.

Biblical/Christian worldview vs. Secular Humanism

Question of Origin-
In contrast to the secular humanists belief that humans have evolved from non-living matter (Hindson & Caner, 2008), Christians are confident that although we were created from nothingness it was God who created man and breathed life into him.


Question of Identity-
In comparison to the secular humanist belief of the equality of men and animals, a Christian believes that God created all men in his image, and we are given the authority to rule over all living creatures (Genisis 1:26, NKJV).

Question of Meaning/Purpose-
While secular humanism teaches man to search for what makes him happy, a Christian worldview instructs us to seek the Lord with all of our heart and to love others more than ourselves. We are to focus on leading others to the Lord.

The Question of Morality-
A secularist believes that not only are they their own judge, but also, actions that do not necessarily hurt others but bring happiness and pleasure to their lives are morally acceptable. Their morals are personally decided whereas a Christian believes in an absolute moral standard defined by God. In complete contrast to a humanist, Christians know “each of us shall give account of himself to God” (Romans 14:12a, NKJV).


The Question of Destiny-
According to Christianity, “For if you live according to the flesh you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live” (Romans 8:13, NIV). Christians believe once a person accepts the Lord Jesus as their savior and are cleansed of their sins they are guaranteed everlasting life. For a humanist death is the absolute end; when they reject the word of the Lord they are sealing their fate not to the finality they believe in, but instead to an internal sentence of life in Hell.

Hindson, E., & Caner, E. (2008). The Popular Encylopedia of Apologetics. Eugene, OR: Harvest House Publishers. Weider, L., & Gutierrez, B. (2013). Consider. Virginia Beach, VA: Academx Publishing Services, Inc.

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