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Mrs. Lyons Essay

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The play follows two twins that were separated at birth. It follows them growing up as they become closer together as “blood brothers”. Gradually they grow apart and envy leads to death. The scenes were slickly changed as props were brought on by characters e. g. desks or washing lines. Most of the backdrops were lowered onto the stage but other scenery was pushed on using grooves in the flats on the stage. It helped the show as you were always focused on the play and not waiting in the dark for the SM to change the scenery.

In between each scene there was also a vocal piece relevant to the scene which had just been and the next scene to come, almost a live update on the present situation. The scene changes need to be slick otherwise you would lose interest in the play and the flow of it would lose its impact on the audience, be very disjointed and wouldn’t make sense. Also the scenes themselves are quiet short and fast moving, so scene changes need to echo this style. Mrs Lyons is very sophisticated and is middle class as she employs a cleaner (Mrs Johnstone). She cannot have any children but desires one greatly.

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Her husband is working away at the present time and has been away for nine months. She wears very casual clothes and has a posh English accent. Mrs Lyons is very sensitive to where Edward goes and is always questioning where he is going and whom he is hanging around with, as she doesn’t want to go near Mickey. Gradually she becomes superstitious herself and very paranoid. On the other hand Mrs Johnstone has a very contrasting personality. She is a working class cleaner who can’t stop having children (she already has seven) and twins on the way.

She is a commoner and this is conveyed through her pure Liverpudlian accent. Her husband left her, as he couldn’t cope with all the children and a wife “twice the size of Marilyn Monroe”. She wears very simple clothes and is very superstitious. As she already has social services after her she worked it out that she can just cope with one more child but finds out that she is having twins so agrees to hand over one of them to Mrs Lyons as he would lead a proper life with a full time education. As Mickey is her eighth child she is very relaxed to where he goes, what he does and whom he hangs around with.

Although she always has the superstition in the back of her mind that if they ever find out that they are twins both of them will die. It seems ironic that although the Johnstone family live on the breadline they start off cheerfully, compared to the Lyons who never seem content with what they’ve got. Edward is a very sophisticated child and has a very cushioned life from all worries harms and the naughty things in life that children do like calling each other names and playing in the mud. This is conveyed through the fact that he is oblivious to any swear words and by the preppy clothes that he wears.

When he does swear it sounds totally out of place with his surroundings, which is what makes the audience laugh, as it is completely unexpected. Mickey on the other hand has a very relaxed childhood but as he is the youngest he has less attention and is “juggling with knifes” so is used to throwing stones at windows and getting involved with the police. They first meet when Edward is eating a bag of sweets and Mickey finds it strange that when he asks for a sweet he gets one straight away without having to do anything.

This shows that Edward has had a proper upbringing and has learnt to share but Mickey is more independent and shows he has to stick up for himself. This is shown when Mickey explains to Edward that he has to do something like lick his eldest brother’s shoes just to get one sweet let alone the whole bag. The pair of them try to impress each other when sitting down. First Mickey pulls his jumper over his knees and then so does Edward. This is showing that they are starting to form a friendship by mirroring each other’s actions. This also reinforces the ages of the boys as they have grown up.

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