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Hospitality Essay Examples

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The reason of high staff turnover rate in hospitality industry

Introduction Nowadays, hospitality industry is the largest industry around the world. However, the hospitality industry is now facing on a big embarrassment which is the high staff turnover rate. It is a severe problem to the operation of all hotels. First of all, let’s us first find out what is staff turnover rate. “Employee Turnover…

Conference and Banqueting Management

Introduction This report presents a research into the banqueting and conference sector of the hospitality industry, focusing on size and scope of banqueting in UK and the importance that has grown in the past years because of world-wide conference and meeting development as well as and the financial evolution that has brought the segment to…

Hospitality industry

I HAD the good fortune of being able to attend the Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Events/Exhibitions Conference, or MICECON 2011, sponsored by the Department of Tourism (DOT) and by many hotels and resorts in The Queen City, Cebu just recently. I just found out that the next one will not be until 2013 since the…



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Olympic Games and Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry makes a major contribution to the UK economy. It is a fact that the hospitality business employs a large percentage of people. This paper further focuses on economic impact. It will be covered what is the main reasons affecting demand. It will be analyzed about the global recession problem and how the…

How the Ritz Carlton is a successful company

This work attempts to answer what management objectives and goals help enable the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company achieve a high level of overall success despite having to operate hotels in diverse locations across the globe. Two management objectives will be analyzed to include the establishment of company Gold Standards and the objective to enhance company online…

Global Scene of Hospitality and Travel Sector

Gone are the days of the adages like “behave like a Roman when you are in Rome,” and instead it is now just the opposite: the modern hosts are expected to tune with the cultures of the guests. With increasing state of globalization, the hospitality sector is now brimming with huge possibilities and the prime…

Front Office Management paper

Abstract: This report is aimed to discuss the need for clear procedures to be set for the pre-arrival stage of the guest cycle. The pre arrival stages in a guest cycle entail services that are executed by people or other relevant systems (like software) to deliver the best to the guests. Reservations are an important…

Tourism in Qatar

Life in Qatar             As for those yuppies that wants to spend much of their night on the bars and restaurants of Qatar, there is a requirement in order for an individual can buy alcohol on various stores in Qatar. Qatar’s government only allows an individual to buy alcohol up to 10 percent of his…

Ways to Improve Tourism by Advertising and Marketing

The prospects of the effectiveness of marketing methods to promote tourism destinations could spell a huge difference, if done with careful planning and research. Tourism demand evolved rapidly in the 1990s altering conventional wisdom and changing a whole range of factors influencing tourism planning and management. Attempting to interpret tourism phenomena and forecast the future…

The Significance and Role of the Theme of Hospitality

In Ancient Greece, when the world was still young and vastly unexplored, people relied on good faith in welcoming strangers in their lands hoping that the favor shall also be repaid in kind in the future when they too shall travel. There were poor means of communication between tribes, cities or small communities separated by…

Managing Global Hospitality

The importance of developing services for a company that deals with hospitality industry is obvious. This is because competition in the hospitality industry is so intense that only providers that can attract customers at appropriate ways can win the market. The situation drives corporations to place lots of advertising to influence customers. Television, urban areas,…

History of Hospitality

Hospitality is the extension of home like services to persons other than of one’s household or immediate relative. Hospitality involves treating strangers and guests to warm welcome into strangers’ homes. Hospitality brings people who rarely know each other together. Hospitality is traced back to as early as human existence is known. The most intelligent of…

Managing In Hospitality

To convince the management, the owner must be able to communicate his ideas and perceptions clearly. The owner might face a bit of difficulty doing this, since the managers have been around for long, and they probably know their trade well. It is still possible, however. One of the things that the owner can do…

Managing cultural diversity in hospitality industry

Throughout human history, hospitality has made a great and significant impact on all cultures. The events in Sundiata and The Odyssey both show how the importance of hospitality can influence or determine one’s fate. For instance, Odysseus fate, which states that he will be returned home to be with his family, is impacted by Telemachus…

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Good essay topics on Hospitality

Hospitality covers a very wide range of topics and spheres that can be explored, including theme parks, cuisine, transportation, event planning, tourism, and many others. That is why it is very hard to understand which topic should be covered when a student is required to come up with a topic or issue associated with hospitality in the hospitality essays.

One of the first and probably most important topics that can be covered in this situation might be the definition of hospitality. In this case, there is a need to explain what the hospitality industry means, what hospitality units are there, and how connected they are.

Secondly, it is possible to select a topic form the sphere of event planning. Here, there is a wide range of options describing the types of events that can be organized, how they can be carried out, who can carry them out, what expenses should be considered, how much financial resources are needed to cover such expenses, and so on. With this in mind, it is worth analyzing a lot of both theoretical and practical materials that have to examine opportunities, threats, possible weaknesses, potential clients, stakeholders, organizers, and other parties engaged in the whole process of planning various events.

Thirdly, it is fair to state that the topic of these parts is not very popular and that is why it has not been widely discussed. That is why it is possible to suggest that the questions regarding this topic require more attention. A lot of counties, such as Japan or the United States, have a lot of people who find theme parts an amazing way to spend their time and have fun. However, in many countries of the globe, there are almost no theme parks. With this in mind, exploring customers’ choices and preferences when it comes to theme parks can lead to unique results and conclusions. In addition to this, there is a need to pay attention to the firms that provide financial resources for the theme parks, becoming the leaders in such a colorful market in the sphere of hospitality.

Here are possible topics to select while writing about hospitality:

    Theme Parks in the United States;
    Theme Parks in Japan;
    The definition of hospitality
    Risks in Event Planning;
    Parties engaged in Event Planning.


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